Unique Time Based Effects

Zoetrope's Temporal Suite is a group of FCPX Plugins that effect motion over time. They are iterative plugins using feedback techniques to achieve their unique looks. A centrepiece of our design is the use of a composite mode gain stage, which gives you a tremendous amount of creative versatility you won't find anywhere.

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Temporal Suite for FCPX

Includes the following plugins: 

Z Stroboscope

This plugin gives you a nice 'freeze-frame' style framerate reducer (down to 1fps) with an additional 'flicker' module which gives you oscillator controlled gain modulation.  Choose a waveform and speed to obtain various blinks and strobes.  Combine with the freeze to get an aleatoric motion edit effect.

Z Motion Blur

A super way to 'blend time', our motion blur gives you control over Blend Mode, Opacity, Duration, Decay and Amount for the creative control you desire. (Most Motion Blurs are simply 'Duration')

Z Echo

A Variation of Motion Blur with much wider time slices on a delay, Z Echo is akin to working with multi-exposure photography. You get control over Blend Mode, Opacity, Delay, Number (Copies), Decay and Amount.