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Folding Generative Design Plugin

A perpetually folding generative design instrument, manifested as a video effect plugin.  With FOLD, you can explore and iterate simple or complex geometric forms in 3D space, using any video source in your timeline.


FOLD has uses for a multitude of fields, including architecture, graphic design, visual arts, live performance and motion design.  This is not your typical utilitarian time saving plugin. FOLD is quite simply, pure inspiration for your creative process!

Available now for Adobe Premiere & After Effects, as well as Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion. Zoetrope has partnered with the FxFactory platform to deliver full multi-application support.

Zoetrope FOLD is a singular plugin with the following parameters:

Manual or Automatic Animation

The animation section controls the movement of individual points in the system. in Auto mode, you control the LFO type and speed (built in behaviours) In manual mode, you get a slider that is a seamless loop of change from 0. to 1.0 of floating point accuracy, for each axis.

Shape Parameters

Sliders for resolution, growth, complexity & pull affect the way the form tessellates and distorts. These parameters also interact and affect the way that the animation parameters will occur. All the parameters are keyframeable or controllable by behaviours.

Raster Modes

You can render FOLD with 3 different rasterizations.  Direct mode maps the source video direct to the shape.  Striped mode extends edge pixels across the whole form. Streaked mode uses a motion blur algorithm with alpha transparency for beautiful and subtly blended forms.

Rotation & Translation

FOLD is a 3 dimensional objects that can be moved & rotated in space. Parameters are exposed for the X, Y & Z axis for each and are also keyframe enabled.