Born from a rich history of pioneering realtime video applications, Zoetrope's mission is to create the next generation of software for designers, artists and video professionals.


About Zoetrope Software

We make unique software for creative people to visualize and accomplish their designs, focused on two primary areas:

  1.  Visual Effects Plugins for video editing software such Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer.
  2. Standalone video applications with a generative design focus.


Founder and Chief Developer Johnny DeKam is a pioneer of realtime video software.  In the mid 1990's he conceived and created the software company VIDVOX, which developed the first commercially available broadcast quality, MIDI controlled video sampler (Prophet) followed by the first self-contained software video mixer (VDMX).  VIDVOX is still going strong today, and you can get VDMX, a highly evolved professional VJ app here.

In 2004, Johnny passed the VIDVOX torch to David Lublin and Ray Cutler, so that he could pursue large scale visual design projects. In the decade following, he was the designer and video director for many concert tours including Dream Theater, The Glitch Mob, & Fun, where he developed, custom performance systems and content design. BeJohnny, the studio moniker under which he operated, was also involved in many artistic projects, mounting exhibitions at major festivals and museums around the world.

Now in 2016, the cycle has come full circle. With Zoetrope Software, Johnny is drawing upon his diverse experience in real-time video software and professional video design to create a new generation of software plugins & applications.

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