Patterns Emerging: A Zoetrope Roadmap

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 10.09.03.png

You may have noticed an interesting trend with the product releases coming from Zoetrope.  It's the notion of generative design instruments. 

Most video plugins are built around the idea of helping you save time, making something that is somewhat difficult or tedious easier.

This is indeed a noble pursuit with great value, (MULTIVIEW falls into this category) but here at Zoetrope I am interested in something more: creating tools that have both utilitarian use, but also inspire new creative directions.

My underlying design philosophy is akin to synthesizers in music, that is, visual instruments with oscillators and various visual 'forms' as source compositions.  I tend to design these instruments to be open, allowing you the greatest flexibility to influence the output, a good dose of 'meta' design that can get you results quickly, and finally I strive to build systems with unique aleatoric progression, randomness and style capable of producing unexpected results. (Sometimes even glitchy!)

COLR, FLOW, FOLD and GEODE all have these properties in common. And you can expect to see more design instruments from Zoetrope in the coming months. I hope your enjoying these tools so far! If you have time, I would love to see the amazing work your making with Zoetrope Software - send a screenshot or share and use the tag @zoetropesocial



John DeKam