Secrets of the Color Picker.

As I was creating the new ZDC-101 plugin, I realised that one of the most powerful ways of working with color is something we all take for granted - the Apple color picker.  It occurred to me that I had never seen a grading plugin that used it... so now our Color Mix Module fully incorporates the Apple Color Picker and all of its power into the plugin.

After some research I found that there are many hidden features embedded here worth talking about.  One is that you can create and save your own collections of colours. This is very handy for large projects, or just quickly getting to your favourites. You can also grab colours from anywhere on your screen, even outside the application, using the eyedropper.

My favourite little known fact is that it has its own extensible architecture, and there are folks out there who have written plugins for it. Here are a few to download check out:


Antetype Color Picker

Skala Color Picker

Happy Coloring!

John DeKam