Creative Tools For FCPX

Three powerful FCPX plugin collections bundled together for incredible savings! For one low price you'll get Temporal Suite, Montage Suite and the ZDC-101 Color Corrector

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ZSuite for FCPX

Three powerful FCPX plugin collections bundled together for incredible savings! For one low price you'll get Temporal Suite, Montage Suite and the ZDC-101 Color Corrector, For Final Cut Pro X Only!



Z Suite includes the following products at one LOW PRICE:

Temporal Suite

Zoetrope's Temporal Suite is a group of FCPX Plugins that effect motion over time. They are iterative plugins using feedback techniques to achieve their unique looks. A centrepiece of our design is the use of a composite mode gain stage, which gives you a tremendous amount of creative versatility you won't find anywhere.

Z Stroboscope

This plugin gives you a nice 'freeze-frame' style framerate reducer (down to 1fps) with an additional 'flicker' module which gives you oscillator controlled gain modulation.  Choose a waveform and speed to obtain various blinks and strobes.  Combine with the freeze to get an aleatoric motion edit effect.

Z Motion Blur

A super way to 'blend time', our motion blur gives you control over Blend Mode, Opacity, Duration, Decay and Amount for the creative control you desire. (Most Motion Blurs are simply 'Duration')

Z Echo

A Variation of Motion Blur with much wider time slices on a delay, Z Echo is akin to working with multi-exposure photography. You get control over Blend Mode, Opacity, Delay, Number (Copies), Decay and Amount.

Montage Suite

Working with multi-layered compositions in Final Cut can be a tedious task with stacked storylines, keyers, and a ton of manual parameters to consider.  Montage Suite presents you with an array of well designed split screens and preconfigured blends to greatly accelerate multi-channel composites in the timeline. 

Drop Zone Multi Viewer

Montage Suite contains a number of multi-view generators that allow you to easily create grids of multichannel video, emulating multicam viewer hardware. 

Montage uses Drop Zones to easily select clips from the browser, and easily adjust sync.  You can even use a single clip with multiple in points to achieve interesting effects.

Blended Splits

A classic live broadcast technique is to hold the T-BAR in the middle of a wipe to get a blended split-screen.  Montage suite features several flexible variations of this method, which isn't possible using FCPX transitions.

ZDC-101 Color Corrector

A trio of color correction plugins that offer time tested methods of color grading,which are fine tuned to yield fast results.  The open and flexible design also allows you to push color to the fringe and get unique stylistic looks. The design is based on an emulation of the classic hardware corrector, the Videotec SDC-101 Serial Digital Corrector.

Z Gamma

Z Gamma is the no frills approach for simple color adjustments in RGB space. The sliders are nuanced for nudging the color in a certain direction. Its great for when when you just want things 'a bit warmer' or 'give it a little lift'.

Z Gain

What makes Z Gain special is that it lets you adjust color gain parameters in both RGB and YUV colorspace simultaneously! You also have access to master gain, color  gain (saturation) and Hue Shift (in degrees).

Z Color Mix

Brilliant in its simplicity, designed for the creative colorist, ZDC-101 leverages the Apple Color palette as an interface.  This means you can choose the interface you want... RGB, HSL, CMYK, Greyscale, Swatches and even custom interfaces! That big color wheel gives you the finesse you crave. Global Eyedropper, yes. Saved Swatches, of course! There is no need to re-learn anything here, you are already completely familiar with this interface.